Orbital Decompression for Grave’s Disease

Individuals suffering from Grave's disease often develop bulging eyes, double vision and loss of color vision. Working in tandem with Dr. Jurij Bylik of Wills Eye Hospital, Dr. Pribitkin has repaired over 250 such deformities without the use of external incisions. By opening the sinuses endoscopically, Dr. Pribitkin enlarges the eye socket and thereby allows the eye to fall back in towards the face. Dr Bilyk performs surgery through the conjunctiva of the eye to simultaneously further decompress the orbit. Patients then undergo muscle surgery by Dr. Kammi Gunton of Wills Eye Hospital to correct any residual double vision. Dr. Bilyk then addresses any residual eyelid deformities so that patients achieve a remarkable improvement in their eye appearance and function.

The film below is from an actually surgery.To view this film you will need Quicktime which can be downloaded at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/ . Dr. Pribitkin has opened the sinuses and now will incise the lining of the eye to allow the eye muscles and fat to enter the sinuses. This creates more room for the eye, which can sink back into its natural position.