DiMarzio pre & post

This young lady had a small bump and a nose that hooked downward at the tip. The bones were sculpted ultrasonically and the tip was elevated and refined through an open approach.

Kovalsky pre & pop

This young man had broken his nose resulting in a large bump which was reduced ultrasonically through an open approach. Notice the natural nasal contour and nicer position of the nostrils.

March pre & 1mo post

This very early result shows how bony deformities along the nasal spine can be reshaped ultrasonically to restore the symmetry of the nostrils.

Barel pre & postop

Only five days after surgery, this patient demonstrates the rapid recovery made possible through meticulous tissue handling. Dr Pribitkin has refined pre and post operative protocols to minimize the bruising and swelling typically associated with rhinoplasty.

Belove, Sharon pre & pop 3 mo

Pinkus, Erika pre & pop